KONG Wobbler for Cats


KONG Cat Wobbler provides mental and physical beneficial simulation for household cats. Thanks to its wobbler action, KONG Cat Wobbler makes time goes by very fast. It is a small bites dispenser. It works as a feeder. It makes playtime fun and rewarding by dispensing small treats. In addition, it fighths against boring and obesity, encouraging to make an effort to get food. Made in USA.

KONG Cat Wobbler provides mental and physical beneficial simulation for household cats.

Thanks to its funny wobbler action, KONG Cat Wobbler makes a pleasant and grateful playtime, since it gives to your cat small bites.

It is used as a feeder, but also it can be used as a way to make bigger time spent for your cat to eat and a good way to fight against boredom and obesity. It encourages cats to make an effort to get food.

This wonderful toy KONG is also a food dispenser, which works as a toy for cats...it is a dream dispenser.

It provides pysical and mental simulation benefits. It is a good way to preserve his natural instincts. He will want to chase KONG and take food.

Soft tail is a CATNIP fleeced toy, your cat will feel very attract to it and he will love it.

It is very easy to open. You can fill it in with food.

It is a very durable administrator and very easy to use.

Top  screws can be taken from bottom to easy filling and cleaning.

Grass tail for cats (Catnip) is funny and flexible, and it invites to play.

La cola de hierba gatera (Catnip), divertida y flexible, invita al juego.

Made in the USA.



A cat, which does not have a cat, will try to express natural energy over other found items at home. Therefore, toys and scratching posts are perfect to accesorize your just adopted cat. 

Cats are full of energy. He wants to run climb and find out new things. Having several toys is crotial to help him to focus on his natural hunting instincts. If you play with him, it will help you to strengthen the new relationship.

When cat is a teenager, about 6 months old. You can add grass cat toys, such as KONG Cat Wobbler, since 70% cats have developed a special sensitive feeling. Cat grass is a natural product. 

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