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TRIXIE Cage birds LOBELIA. Provides a perfect habitat to treat and raise your bird. The cage provides habitat suitable and reliable for your bird. It contains the essential elements required by your bird to live comfortably. Very easy to clean and disinfect. Colour: Green / Creame.
Small brass cage for birds FERPLAST. Elegant jail for canaries, exotic birds or other kind of golden birds. A classic design, which matchs perfectly with your home decoration.
Canary Bamboo Nest TRIXIE. Made from natural bamboo fibres, this nest is suitable for breeding or nesting budgies, cockatiels, canaries and finches.
Hygienising Cleaner for Cages MENFORSAN. A special cleaner  for this kind of spaces. Cleansing and disinfection are two of its main features.
Bird cage brass FERPLAST. It is a medium-sized round cage for canaries, exotic birds and other small birds. It is made of brass-coated wire mesh, with a black plastic base and removable trays that make daily cleaning effortless. 
Painting Epoxi unleadedPolypropylene plastic accessoriesTop opening
TRIXIE Vegetable Ball Holder Plastic-Metal 12cm. Metal, powder coated/plastic-With detachable lid-For hay, grasses or nesting material-For hanging in the cage.
Bowed swing Natural Living TRIXIE for small birds. It is composed by a natural wooden bottom, arch shaped, decorated with wooden slides. In addition, it offers your bird an added amusement, throughout hanging tassle cotton cord. It is a tough swing. Measurments: 22 x 29 cm.
Arch swing for birds TRIXIE. A bowed Swing with Wooden Coloured Block. It is for small birds, natural wooden. Your bird can peck. It is composed by a natural wood  stick and offers your bird funny moments. It is coloured balls united by a cotton cord.
A natural direct use, powder repellent for preventive and curative treatment against all kinds of insects, thrips and mites.
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