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ORIJEN Freeze Dried Adult Dog Food. Prepared from Canada’s very best and freshest ingredients in very own freeze-dry kitchens, ORIJEN ADULT DOG is guaranteed to keep your dog happy, healthy and strong — read our ingredients and we think you’ll agree!
The ideal case would be to get your pet used to the pet feeder while you are present. After successful customisation the first automatic pet feeding can take place.  Cats especially often need a bit more time to accept the automatic pet feeder. Dogs should be watched during the first feeds as they might damage the automatic pet feeder.
TRIXIE Minou Cuddly Cave. Special Trixie den for small kitties, with warm plush cover and attractive fringe. This cave is just the right thing for all those demanding little kitties. It has a plush cover and an easy-clean, nylon bottom. The inside is coated with fleece and is extra cushioned and comfy. The entrance to the den is lined with bright fringes.
Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution. Help dogs reduce their suffering from these issues with the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution. Easy to put on and take off, the Thundershirt wrap works by applying constant, gentle pressure to the animal’s torso. 
Protective t-shirt for dogs MEDICAL PET SHIRT is a protective t-shirt for dogs which suffer from injuries, skin diseases and so on. It protects skin from licking. It is an alternative to vet collar. In severe surgery actions, where a big amount of fur has been shaved off, it helps your pet to keep warm. You can purchase it in a special blue colour.
Complete Airline Travel Kit for VARI Kennel II TRIXIE : allows use of VARI Kennel II in the aircraft. Accepted by most airline companies includes a double bowl, absorbent pad, kit with metal screws and nuts, 2 stickers (Live Animals), collar identification tag, dispatch identification sticker and 4 cable ties.
Julius K-9 harness for dogs is just amazing, designed for everyday use. Impregnated, scratchproof outer layer, breathing active inner lining with strong load distributing, sturdy seams.  The handle on the back of the harness enables easy holding or lifting of the dog. The abdominal strap has a plastic handle and a chest strap with Velcro fastening.
TRIXIE Agility Tunnel. Made of durable polyester, meets FCI-standards. It is indicated for an eventful fitness programme, allows multiple variations of layout (e.g. U-shape). Ground anchors and pegs included. It can be set up and dismantled easily. Handy transport bag included. Space-saving storage. Perfect for a good training.- Colour: blue.-...
TRIXIE Transport Box VARI Kennel II. Beige. A plastic stable safety lock, ventilation slits for ideal air circulation with metal door and two bowls. Accepted by almost all air carriers due to combination options with accessory kit.
TRIXIE Water Dispenser. Thanks to this transparent product, your pets will always drink fresh water. Tey will be happy and you will be quiet when they are alone. 1.5 and 3.5 l. capacity. Made from high quality plastic and rubber bottom. A non-slip water dispenser. Available in several colours.
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