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Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution. Help dogs reduce their suffering from these issues with the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Solution. Easy to put on and take off, the Thundershirt wrap works by applying constant, gentle pressure to the animal’s torso. 
Complete Airline Travel Kit for VARI Kennel II TRIXIE : allows use of VARI Kennel II in the aircraft. Accepted by most airline companies includes a double bowl, absorbent pad, kit with metal screws and nuts, 2 stickers (Live Animals), collar identification tag, dispatch identification sticker and 4 cable ties.
TRIXIE Transport Box VARI Kennel II. Beige. A plastic stable safety lock, ventilation slits for ideal air circulation with metal door and two bowls. Accepted by almost all air carriers due to combination options with accessory kit.
Bivy Bota RUFFWEAR. A comfortable and light canine-specific hydratation system. You can take it with you while you practise sports with your pet. It provides water in every moment , thanks  to its special depot. Minimize and simplify with the Bivy Bota.
Protective Car boot cover Black TRIXIE. A nylon cover to protect your boot cover from dirt and  pet hair. Water repellent cover. Perfect to protect your car in rainy days. Colour: black.
Car Seat Cover Beige
Car Boot Cover TRIXIE protects against dirt and pet hair, high sides protect boot’s interior lining.
Portable dog water dispenser TRIXIE. It is ideal for an outing or trip with your dog. It is a plastic united in a cup using both fountain and bottle holder. Thanks to its ingenious design, it guaranteess and optimum watering of your pet. Transparent material makes you can control left water. You can choose among several colours.
Oatmeal Paw Butter 59 ml. Soothes & Relieves Dry, Cracked Paws. Made in the USA.
TRIXIE Car Safety Grid. A protective guard for your dog is important when travelling by car. Trixie Car Safety Grid uses Bars will help to keep your dog safe when travelling (and it's also very if you are transporting other objects in the back of your car). The angled posts mean that you can utilise the entire boot area. The guard is fully...
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